How to Make Bread Pudding in the Rice Cooker or Crock Pot

Bread pudding is one of those traditional dishes that surely evolved from very common roots. You can imagine someone coming up with a way to utilize bread that was not so fresh, or even stale. I often muse that a mother invented it who was tired of standing and frying french toast for her large family! It basically is the same thing: bread and eggs. This once humble dish has evolved into a very posh fare. You can see it presented in a most elegant way on cooking shows, some adding their own characteristic twist on the recipe.
It is basically the same simple recipe, regardless of how it is prepared. Many times they are baked in a baking dish, but I usually use the best rice cooker for brown rice. You could use a crock pot, if you wanted, but it will take longer.

If you don’t have a rice cooker, you definitely should get one. They save time, and sometimes I think they almost prepare the dinner for me! Most rice cooker recipes have little preparation time and require little attention. You also avoid heating up the oven as often. Although I do have three rice cookers, if you are only buying one, I recommend the larger one. The smaller ones are fun to have around for small meals for two or a side dish, but boil-overs can be a problem. I will include links for some of my rice cooker recipes at the end of this article.


Around 1 loaf of bread from a bread machine or deli/bakery. If it is not fresh, it is not a problem.

6-9 eggs
1-2 cups of milk (approximate)
1 cup sugar
vanilla 2 teaspoons
butter around 2 -3 tablespoons
cinnamon generous sprinkle


Put enough oil in to cover the bottom of the pot, whichever kind you are using. Tear the bread into small chunks. It doesn’t all have to be the same kind of bread. Toss with sugar and cinnamon. Whisk eggs, one cup of milk, and vanilla. Pour over the bread mixture. If liquid doesn’t cover bread, add more milk. Dot with butter, and sprinkle with Cinnamon and sugar.

Cook until eggs are done. Of course, in the crock pot, it will take longer. In the rice cooker, you will need to push the “cook” button several times.

Serve warm or cold. My family likes it like french toast, warm with syrup. My relatives eat it with ice cream.

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