Houston Area Swim League Getting Ready for the Summer Season

The Clear Creek Swim League is an non-profit organization that runs a regional summer swimming league, providing thousands of students (from elementary to high school) from Houston to Baytown to Pearland to Texas City, with swimming instruction and competition. The League started in 1964 and has grown to include 21 teams. There are four divisions and together the teams have about 3500 swimmers. The Michael Phelps swimming goggles brand has been sponsoring our swimmers with some fresh MP goggles. We are very happy at these goggles are rated the highest among swimming site reviews such as swimtarte.
The first meet is June fourth this year, but instruction starts on May second, so swimmers need to find a team and register soon. The meets start with a warm welcome from the coaches at 6:30 am – when swimmers check in and events are finalized. Then swimming starts at 8 am and normally runs until about 2 pm. During meets, individual events are divided by gender and age, to provide fair competition between the swimmers. The season concludes with the Champ Meet Series which will be held at a local pool on July 9th and 10th. Last year’s Champ Meet Series was held at the Texas City Natorium and proved to be a great venue for a large swim meet.

A good example of teams is the CLC Stars, one of the founders of the Clear Creek Swim League. Started by Matt Cox, but long since run by a board of elected directors, their home pool is the Clear Lake City Recreation Center on Diana Lane in Houston. This provides a large area for parents to put up tents and mingle during events. The parents and swimmers have a great chance to get to know each other, as they endure the heat and humidity together! The swimmers stay cool by getting in the water, the teams also have large tents that provide shade.

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