DeLonghi CGH800-U Review

DeLonghi has always been a brand that identifies itself as serving customers with extremely high quality products, and the DeLonghi DeLonghi CGH800-U retro panini grill is no exception.
If you want to be able to grill your sandwiches with something stylish, yet easy, safe and fun to use, then the DeLonghi CGH800-U is a great place to start your search for the ideal panini grill for your kitchen.
I know it’s hard to believe me without first seeing some specs, so why don’t we go ahead and take a look at what exactly is included with the best rated panini press.


  • Gorgeous, mirror-finish silver, Retro-style design is suitable for any modern kitchen
  • Makes delicious, perfectly toasted italian style paninis all day long
  • Big enough and hot enough to also cook meats and other ‘grill’ foods (fish, veggies, shishkebabs, etc)
  • The top grill is hinged so that it can easily detach and fit to any size sandwich, no matter how HUGE you make your paninis!
  • Slanted design + Non-stick grill plates means that your cleanup is as simple as catching the drips off the bottom of the grill with the included drip-catcher
  • Cool-touch handle gives you plenty of space to handle the grill comfortably when you’re sandwiches or meats are finished cooking
  • Adjustable temperature lets you easily decide exactly how crispy your sandwiches are going to be
  • Cord wrap for easy storage when you’re not using your DeLonghi CGH800-U


  • No noteworthy flaws
As I said before, DeLonghi is a very popular brand and this is a perfect example of why it’s so popular…They’ve created an appliance here that’s stylish, reliable, and easy to use all in one package, and it’s hard to say no.
In fact, if you head over to Amazon right now you’ll see literally over 100 glowing, 5 star reviews of this panini maker.
Why? Because the DeLonghi CGH800-U does everything that you need from a panini grill!
As far as price goes, this grill is middle of the line (~$50), which actually makes it even better. You get a completely reliable machine from an even more reliable brand for less than most other panini makers with the same features, and certainly not as many glowing reviews!
This is a gorgeous appliance – the mirrored finish is extremely sleek and contemporary looking, and the large black cool-touch handle makes it look even more professional.
When it comes to functionality, the only complaints that anyone had were that the grooved-style grill plates don’t cook your sandwich evenly, which is probably a little bit true, but it will be true for EVERY panini grill with grooved plates. But it’s worth it because you get those awesome grill lines that automatically make a sandwich taste better.
All you have to do to make sure you cook your sandwich evenly is start out at a lower temperature and then use the adjustable thermostat to toast your panini once its innards have cooked.
All in all it shouldn’t take you long to figure out whether or not the DeLonghi CGH800-U is the right panini maker for you – If you want something sleek, reliable, and a pleasure to use, then this is a great place to start your research.

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